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Soulful Awakening

Empowering Journeys Through Spiritual Coaching

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Margarita Gonzalez

Meet Margarita, your spiritual guide and empowerment partner. As a spiritual coach, Family Constellation facilitator, and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki III Master Teacher, Margarita's passion for healing led her to diverse spiritual paths. She facilitates transformative group sessions, dynamic workshops, and offers personalized one-on-one coaching.

Margarita is a published author, certified Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and Family Constellation facilitator from respected institutions. Her unique approach embraces the sacred, allowing both herself and her clients to tap into gentle inner spaces.

Embark on a soulful journey of healing, empowerment, and self-discovery with Margarita.

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Guiding Women on a Soulful Odyssey

Harmony, Restoration, and Empowerment in Sisterhood

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Harmony Restoration Session

A comprehensive session focusing on your overall well-being. Through a combination of Reiki energy healing and personalized guidance, this session aims to bring balance to your physical, emotional, and mental states.

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Soulful Odyssey Session

Embark on a Soulful Odyssey Session, delving into the depths of mental and spiritual realms. This transformative experience incorporates mindfulness techniques, guided meditation, and spiritual coaching to enhance mental clarity and deepen your spiritual connection.

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Celestial Insight Session

Immerse yourself in the Celestial Insight Session, a profound exploration of mental and spiritual dimensions. Uncover mindfulness techniques, guided meditation, and spiritual coaching designed to elevate mental clarity and fortify your spiritual connection.

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Soul Sister Empowerment Circle

In our empowering circle, women come together as SoulSisters, creating a supportive community where shared experiences become a source of strength. It's a space where the collective energy of sisterhood propels each individual towards their highest potential.

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Client Love Notes

I have been working with Margarita for more than 3 years. During this time, my life has evolved and changed in a multitude of ways. Her guidance, meditations, and the plethora of tools she uses and teaches you to use are bar none. I have been able to heal and work through difficult situations that I have not been able to work through before. I credit her with many of the doors that have opened and for allowing me to also see that the closed doors are also blessings in disguise. I highly recommend working with her!

Veronica, Yoga Teacher

A transformational journey! During the past 8 weeks, Margarita leads us in a gentle and fun way, through so many powerful exercises. This program taught me how to take care of myself at all levels: physical, emotional & spiritual. I am grateful I said yes to this adventure!

Tania, Mental Performance Coach

I always appreciate knowing when you are doing an event! I talk about you all the time, you changed my life last Fall. You are wonderful. Thank you!

TT, Yoga Practictioner

I've always been in tune with my spirituality but Margarita has taken me into a more in depth and peaceful way of handling life and what comes with it. With her guidance I've learned to awaken more my inner strength, intuition and power, that I did not know I had within.

I continue to use the tools I've learned from Margarita's guidance and classes every day. I feel more calmer and at peace. I am forever grateful to Margarita. Thank you!

Jennifer, HR Specialist

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Monthly Healing Circle

Are you seeking inner peace, clarity, and a stronger connection to your spiritual self?

Discover the power of our exclusive Monthly Spiritual Healing Circle. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey toward healing, growth, and enlightenment.

What's Included in Your Monthly Membership:

One Live Meditation Clearing:

Experience a deep sense of calm and rejuvenation during our live meditation sessions, designed to cleanse your spirit and refresh your mind. Let me guide you to a place of profound inner peace.

One Live Angel Card Reading:

Connect with divine guidance and receive insight into your path ahead with a one-on-one angel card reading. Unveil the wisdom of the angels and harness their healing energies.

Three Weekly Remote Clearings (Mondays):

Every Monday, I will send powerful energy remotely to clear away obstacles and challenges that may be hindering your progress. Feel the burdens lift and your spirit soar.

Ongoing Energy Healing:

Throughout the month, I will continue to send energy healing to help you unblock current challenges, elevate your vibrations, and promote well-being. Watch as your life transforms for the better.

Join Our Healing Community:

When you join the monthly Healing Circle, you're not just accessing a range of powerful healing modalites – you're becoming a part of a collective community of like-minded individuals who share your desire for growth, healing, and spiritual enlightenment. Together, we'll uplift and inspire one another on this incredible journey.

Embrace a new beginning every month with fellow seekers and healers. Unlock the potential within you, and allow me to guide you toward your highest self.

Ready to embark on this enlightening path with us? Subscribe to my Monthly Spiritual Healing Circle today and let's heal, grow, and thrive together!

Unlock the Power of Spiritual Healing!

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Margarita Gonzalez

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